This is what I’ve done.

These are some agencies I’ve worked with.

  • APN
  • Advance Queensland
  • Aquis Farms
  • Arrow Energy
  • Ask for Evidence
  • Brisbane Skeptics Society
  • Cairns Regional Council
  • Elliott Whiteing
  • Five Faces
  • Flagstone
  • Flight Centre
  • GOA
  • Garda Capital Group
  • Gretchen Hirsch
  • Harris Tripp Estate Agent
  • Institute for Urban Indigenous Health
  • Isaac Regional Council
  • Melbourne Rebels
  • Navitas
  • Neds
  • OperaQ
  • PEET
  • QSuper
  • Queensland Family and Child Commission
  • Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
  • Queensland Futures Institute
  • Queensland Health
  • Queensland Racing Integrity Commission
  • Queensland State Library
  • Queensland Writers Festival
  • Real Estate Institute of Queensland
  • Rio Tinto
  • Royal Society for Chemistry
  • Suncorp
  • The Bower
  • University of Queensland
  • University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Virgin Airlines
  • West End Street Art Festival

World Science Festival 2017

I volunteered at the festival. It was great fun. I was at QUT assisting kids programming drawing robots.

Ask for Evidence

I provided creative services for this science communication effort from The Royal Society of Chemistry – London.

National Skeptics Conference 2015

I provided creative services and volunteered on the day at the merch desk.

BADC Committee Member

I’ve been in the Brisbane Advertising & Design Club for a while and a committee member.


I have associate membership with the Australian Graphic Design Association.


I pay for my dribbble account. Does that count?

Brisbane Skeptics Society

I sit on the committee of the BSS. The group serves to bring science communicators out of the lab into public spaces.

West End Street Art Festival

As well as sitting on the driving committee I work in partnership with the Director on the creative and marketing side of the venture.

BADC Committee Member

I’ve been a committee member for 3 years. Last year I served as a scrutineer on the awards judging.

This is what I can do.

Art Direction (Digital & Traditional)

I’ve been working as a senior Art Director for around 6 years at this point. The last three focused on advertising and the three previous more on digital projects. Prior to that I was Creative Director for a trade publication after working my way around Brisbane from Finished Art and Graphic Design over several years.

Creative Strategy

Addressing the ‘why’ and ‘who’ while following a process is how I find my way to a good strategy with sound tactics. 

User Experience Design (UX)

I apply UX methods and thinking inside of the scientific method.

  1. Question, 
  2. Research,
  3. Hypothesis,
  4. Test,
  5. Result.
Customer Experience Design (CX)

The possibilities of crafting long-term relationships based on real world data collected first hand and testing assumptions until we can call them truths is pretty exciting.

Project Management

A good few years ago I needed to complete a quota of PD. So I did a PM course. Turned out I really liked it and have been using the skills I learnt far more often that I expected. 

I genuinely think everyone should do a short course in PM. 

Creative Production

As a freelancer sometimes I’ll be asked if I know other freelancers that can do X. I usually do. Then I put my producer hat on and can facilitate; copy, photography, videography, editing, model building, tailoring, leatherwork, or anything really — I know some really crafty people.

Digital Design (Web & App)

Nearly 200 I think — websites designed. Yes, I counted them. 

My digital story

For my 15th birthday in 1995 I asked for a second home phone line. I claimed some used office tech from my dad’s work. I summered at a computer hardware workshop. Then I built my own 486 with two modems and set up a BBS from home. Planet X it was called. I set up distribution of games and sold subscriptions to users. I served mail and traded files. 

I ran Planet X for 3 years. There was always someone else on my computer. It was so much fun. It was my first business. I still have the first uncashed cheque from a user.

Front-end Development

Since computer club in highschool I’ve been coding. I know these alphabet soup flavours; HTML(5), PHP, CSS, SCSS.

I also webmaster and host a few sites too.


I do; Research, Planning and directing copy, Seeking backlinks, Maintenance and reporting, and Iterative improvements. 


I do; Research, Planning, Writing, Set up, Monitoring and Reporting.

Social Media Strategy

SM is an ever changing landscape. Did you hear what happened with Facebook this week? (I’ll never need to update that copy) 

That said there’s still value to experience. I’ve got some.

Editing (Video)

Sure, not for feature films of course, but I can hold my own with Premiere. 

This comes in handy when directing a shoot. I can produce animatics rather than relying on a storyboard alone. This helps sell in to the client and communicate between craftworkers.

Also if budgets are low I can get the job done.


Graphic Design & Illustration

Yes and Desktop Publishing, Finished Art, Manual Arts and more. I was trained by an old-school ad man and can use Pantones, Guache and a blade. I’m also a fine art print-maker (I was secretary of the QCA print club, la-de-da) 

Let’s chat over a coffee.