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  • German Election

    German Election

    European Council on Foreign Relations German Election Explainer It’s no surprise that a key communication area for a pan-european foreign policy think tank would be the German election. Collecting expert comments and packaging this in collaboration with a motion designer was my task. And this was the result.

  • Our Magnificent 7

    Our Magnificent 7

    USC Paralympic Team Our Magnificent 7 The University of the Sunshine Coast’s Paralympic swimming team, in an unprecedented outcome, all qualified for the Australian team.  We needed to celebrate that.  We produced a cinema spot was run parallel to the film Magnificent Seven.

  • Hannes


    Die Johanniter Hannes the chatbot As a short promotion I programmed a simple chatbot for the Johanniter. His job was to inform people on Facebook Messenger how to order the Hausnotruf. 

  • G Day

    G Day

    University of the Sunshine Coast G Day A simple animated piece to promote the funding initiative of USC. An example of how a simple dot can emote and be personified.

  • The Barber of Seville

    The Barber of Seville

    OperaQ The Barber of Seville OperaQ presented Rossini’s hilarious comedy. After consulting with the Artistic Director of OQ it was clear the promotion needed to be colourful and playful. We took the set design as inspiration and created an animated video work which was extended with animated gifs for display and social.

  • Rate Dad

    Rate Dad

    Queensland Family and Child Commission: Talking Families Rate Dad. The Queensland Family and Child Commission wanted to say thank you to Dads on fathers’ day. Thank you for trying and doing your best, from the voices of those who love you. This was a short series for their Talking Families social presence.

  • Save Water. Save Money

    Save Water. Save Money

    Isaac Regional Council Save Water. Save Money. The Isaac Regional Council had not been charging for water. Local industry was winding down and would soon, no longer cover that cost for residents. Rather than framing it as bad news we gave the community the tools to deal with the change and a fun communication of…

  • Volkswagon DTO

    Volkswagon DTO

    Volkswagon Digital Transformation Office Volkswagen Group work collaboratively to ensure all areas of their business share knowledge and excel. One such initiative is the DTO. I worked on a series of videos showcasing the projects, achievements and tactics. For these internal communications I provided creative consultancy, video editing, and art direction.

  • Sewing for dudes

    Sewing for dudes

    Needlefruit Sewing Lounge Sewing for dudes Sewing isn’t girly. Needlefruit needed to express their values and brand to attract the right audience for their range of sewing classes. We found feminist-leaning women chose not to sew because of gendered stigma. Taking a showing-not-telling response we designed a sewing course for ‘dudes’. This disruption showed male…

  • Ginger and the survivors

    Ginger and the survivors

    Cairns Regional Council We will survive Our goal: to convince the rainiest Australian region to conserve water. Research showed the greatest gains could be made by reducing garden water use. This 360 behaviour change campaign anchored by a series of seasonal TVCs included radio spots along with a tonne of collateral, transit and OOH. Our…

  • Madame Butterfly

    Madame Butterfly

    OperaQ Madama Butterfly As part of the OperaQ 2016 programme my art direction provided a concept for the campaign and promotion.

  • EU_TechEra


    European Council on Foreign Relations EU_TechEra Digitisation across Europe and in particular Germany is overdue and of critical importance when it comes to EU sovereignty. ECFR identified this as a key communication area. To address this I curated content from foreign policy experts in the field and framed the advice and comments within a campaign-like…

  • Deadly Kindy

    Deadly Kindy

    Institute for Urban Indigenous Health Deadly Kindy There are barriers preventing indigenous kids from making an easy start at kindy.  Kindergartens in Queensland require that kids are vaccinated and healthy and that they have their own supplies (eg. blanket & water bottle).  In addition, there’s mistrust for institutions like medical practices and schools for indigenous…

  • Porsche Instagram

    Porsche Instagram

    Porsche Porsche Instagram High power, high volume content for one of the most loved contemporary luxury car brands.  Taking creative ownership of the Porsche Instagram channel with a creative partner we got in the driver’s seat for data-driven social results. Several daily posts for more than 12 months with strategic Instagram Stories. Careful data-driven choices…

  • The Power Atlas

    The Power Atlas

    European Council on Foreign Relations The Power Atlas Power is now defined by control over flows of people, goods, money, and data, and via the connections they establish. Only states that see the new map of geopolitical power clearly will be able to control the modern world. This flagship product from ECFR was my focus…